standstill. thoughts + a new collection

A few weeks ago, I was stuck in traffic. Things were at a standstill. As I said this word over in my mind, I thought about it for a moment.

It's a word that has a slightly negative feel, but if you put some space in the middle, there's a transformation. There's suddenly room to breathe.
Stand still. 

We all know those moments that stop us in our tracks. The beautiful and the challenging. Sometimes while painting, what I envision is not translating onto the canvas. In that moment, I can't see my way forward, so I just need to wait. I usually step back and look at the painting, trying to feel my way back in. It may not happen quickly, but if I stand still long enough, there's always an opening. The stillness allows movement and there's space for the the unexpected to bring it alive. 

Standstill is a collection about movement & the stillness that exists inside. 

. . .

I'm so happy to share this new collection with you. Please reach out with any questions, thoughts, or feedback. I love hearing from you. 

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Spring Playlist

I love music and have been making mix tapes for decades. I compile a playlist and listen on repeat, sometimes for months. While painting a series, I usually make a new mix which I listen to almost exclusively while working on those paintings. I like the idea that the music ties them together.  

This is my spring mix, hope you like it. 

Listen on Spotify
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*Note: One of my favorite tracks, the Fenech-Soler cover is only available on Soundcloud below.  

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To Remember
what will I remember

Sometimes I ask myself, "What will I remember from today?"

Will it be the eight am beach-combing and ocean swim? The almost running out of gas on the deserted road, or the ten am piña colada that accompanied the epic wave watching laziness. Will it be the five year-old attitude and the endless sibling fighting that defined the afternoon?

Or maybe the phone call to my ever patient husband who listened while I described said fighting, the attitude, and my complete incapability of dealing with it. Maybe I'll remember his calm mention of the promised land--school starting in just 4 short days and how kindergarten and a routine is just what this tiny girl/big attitude needs.

Will I remember the pink sky and warm winds behind her now sweet, early-evening, five year-old daring self, as she performs handstands on the trampoline?

Or maybe the only memory will be this sunset swim. The one where summer and fall and my girls growing selves meet. Where seasons change subtly, days blur into one another, and so many beautiful moments in life are blown into the wind.

We meet again
karinabania floating

in summer.

living lately // eating outdoors every night reading the luminaries contemplating conscious parenting listening to first aid kit feeling good about recent art shows in joshua tree & ocean beach experimenting with plaster playing with clay walking beaches swimming in warm oceans gathering with friends enjoying my time with the girls moving slower breathing deeper.

hope your summer is everything. xx