A few weeks ago, I was stuck in traffic. Things were at a standstill. As I said this word over in my mind, I thought about it for a moment.

It's a word that has a slightly negative feel, but if you put some space in the middle, there's a transformation. There's suddenly room to breathe.
Stand still. 

We all know those moments that stop us in our tracks. The beautiful and the challenging. Sometimes while painting, what I envision is not translating onto the canvas. In that moment, I can't see my way forward, so I just need to wait. I usually step back and look at the painting, trying to feel my way back in. It may not happen quickly, but if I stand still long enough, there's always an opening. The stillness allows movement and there's space for the the unexpected to bring it alive. 

Standstill is a collection about movement & the stillness that exists inside. 

. . .

I'm so happy to share this new collection with you. Please reach out with any questions, thoughts, or feedback. I love hearing from you.