inspired by


Totally inspired this morning by the collected objects + space of Jill Wenger, owner of Totokaelo.

The Alma Allen bronze sculptures and the story about way she acquired them are so beautiful. "These bronze and wood sculptures are by Alma Allen. I try to get out to Joshua Tree every once in awhile to visit his studio. In fact I'm overdue for a visit! The space is filled with Alma's work —sand cast bronze and hand carved stone and wood pieces. Most of my small-scale sculptures were ones I asked about in their kitchen or living room, mixed in with their books and own collections of things. I love buying are like that. Pieces that have been lived with and loved."

I've always believed that the objects we live with become part of our family. They take on energy and meaning, forging their history, telling their story. I talk to the girls about this and they watch me interact with the plants and objects in our home, talking to them, being thoughtful. It's a beautiful way of living.


Images via Sight Unseen.