Measuring life (part one)

elephant board
o jamie

How do you measure how deep a life you are living? How do differentiate between days that sometimes pass in a blur of similarity?

You live in a world that you've created. You're working, raising kids, trying new recipes, having dinner with friends, taking a bike rides on the weekends. You think you're living, and of course you are. You're probably even enjoying. But then something awakens you. An interaction, the right words in a book, the glimpse of an old house on a tucked away road. And then suddenly, you're overcome with the feeling that life is so much deeper than we're normally living.

Sometimes it's really seeing one of the girls that awakens me. Looking in her eyes, her fleeting four year old eyes, time stops, or I want it to stop, god do I want it to stop. Often it's travel. Daily it's something I read, or see, or do that gives me this feeling. Daily I have this feeling. Daily I want to have this feeling. Daily I want to live deep.

I do not rush, but I am rushed. I know to go slow, it is my nature to savor. But I am a doer. I get things done. I am busy doing them. And life, to spite my best efforts, keeps on moving by leaving me to ask, am I living deeply?

Nothing could be slow enough, nothing lasts too long. No pleasure could equal straightening the chairs, pushing in one book on the shelf, loosing yourself in the process of living. Virginia Woolf

*photos with people in them by the talented jamie street.