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Blink and it's another week. And then another. The weeks pass by in their usual way and I'm still here, standing. I've had a lot of changes going on, the subtle ones. Tiny ripples create big currents. But you know that.


• Spending time down in Mexico. Heaven. • Saw an Ayurvedic doctor. I have an excess of Vata. Too much wind energy. Bringing about balance. • Have upcoming art shows and deadlines which I've been getting ready for. • Realizing that sometimes I just disappear. I drop out, at least online and sometimes socially. I don't know how people stay so plugged in and consistent. • Paused in the middle of The Goldfinch to read a book about cutting out all the excess in our lives. It has me thinking. A lot. • Morning runs and yoga are becoming good friends. • Spending mornings in candlelight listening to music. Making a mix to share. • Bought a bike some months back and have been riding a lot with the family. Love the feeling. • There are these really big buzzards that sun themselves on an old abandoned house near the ocean in Mexico where I walk each morning. They sit together looking around, pondering the day. I find them so intriguing. • The rains are supposed to start tomorrow. It's all the talk. I'm ready.

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