goals ahead and being here now

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As always, I look forward to the new year as the best present sitting under the tree. But as excited as I am, I take way too long to open it. I feel like I want to get everything ready and set up before I start something big, like a new year. As a result, that preparation usually takes me weeks into January. Darn perfectionist tendencies.

I really don't make resolutions as much as I set goals. Last year I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish and sealed it in an envelope. I didn't look at it during the year and had actually forgotten about it until my husband handed me an envelope that said DO NOT OPEN that he had found in a drawer. I finally opened it on new years eve. Looking at reminded me how quickly time passes. I remember writing everything down and nothing listed had I really forgotten about. I accomplished many of the things I set out to, which felt great. 2013 was a transition year. It was the year that I stepped out from where I had been into where I wanted to go. The two years proceeding, I had been in the midst of my father having Alzheimer's and then passing. Those were heavy, draining years. 2013 was a breath of fresh air.

Now, here you are 2014. I know you're really just a continuation of tomorrows, the next day and the next. But you hold hope. You're ahead and I'm optimistic. This year, I've made my list of goals and added, ways of being. I'm not tucking them away, but keeping them out to look at frequently. I also asked myself the question, what do I want the most?  I sometimes get overwhelmed wanting to do too many things at once, so that question helped me get clear on prioritizing. My list this year is longer than last. It's bigger and bolder, but also quieter and slower. I'll be sharing bits of it here from time to time, documenting progress in the hopes of staying accountable and savoring moments.