into the new year

sky latern

happy new year lovely people.

i'm back from a bit of a hiatus from this space of mine. i must admit, i've missed it. i've had so many words & images floating around inside and no where to put them. of course i share them with myself, but thoughts take on a different meaning when you say them out loud. and i like living out loud.

on the whole, the holidays were wonderful. really wonderful. we did a lot of relaxing and laughing, wine tasting, exploring, and doing crazy things like starting accidental fires, then scaling hillsides to douse them with margaritas. you know, the good stuff. while i was gone, i also gained another year of wisdom and sent my birthday wishes off into the night.

like the sky lanterns we scribbled with notes, letting my thoughts go into the world somehow seems significant to me. i feel that in this space too. so, i'll be back with things to share in the new year.

here's to happy beginnings. xx