A pause

forage karina bania

forage, 飼料. pigment, blood orange, acrylic on canvas.

Alice Waters. Even her name creates a sense of slowness in me. I recently watched this lovely interview by Doug Aitken on his website The Source.

Alice talks about being a Montessori teacher and the philosophy of creating an environment that is beautiful where children can discover things for themselves. She also spoke about her Edible Schoolyard Project and how feeding children in schools from local sustainable farms and food they grow would support local farms, the community, and nourish and change children's values.

What I loved most from the interview was this:

Just in bypassing the supermarket, going directly to the farmer, the farmer’s market, growing food in your own backyard is a really revolutionary thing to do. I think it’s just kind of bringing people back to their senses and they immediately connect to it. It’s almost like falling in love. It’s easy to do because we’re still hard wired for it. We still wanna sit by a fire. We still wanna sit at a table. We wanna eat good food. We wanna be connected to nature. We need to really have a pause every day and to get in the habit of relating. That’s what we all do if we’re lucky every day.

A pause. Staying close to the land, to the table, to people, to yourself. Relating. Connecting. Slowing down. It's almost like falling in love. It's natural, it's coming home.


We've had an abundance of blood oranges around lately. I've always been a huge fan of the color and name, swoon. I rubbed the blood orange on my canvas. The red on the raw material is stunning. I have this piece in my kitchen right now, it's looking good against the white subway tile.

I'm off this weekend to Palm Springs for my annual women's group retreat. We've rented a house where we'll be cooking, talking, crafting, swimming, communing and rejuvenating. Just what is needed.

A long pause.

Do you put a pause in your everyday? I've never called it that, but I try and practice moments of slowness. Love to hear what you do.

Have a great weekend! xx