when time goes by

autumn rock

when time goes by spaces begin to widen. thoughts gather inside themselves, and begin dissolve.

when time goes by days are lost like clouds. noticing whistles on the corner and direction looks on lightly.

when time goes by fall is in the air again. silence walks into the wind, and someday is here now.


it's cloudy looking like rain, my house is pretty dark, but i don't want to turn on a light. i like the mood and my tea is warm. we just got back from camping under the trees with friends, with crunchy leaves and warm sweaters. life has been good. of course it's zooming by at it's usual clip, me left standing at a crossroads in many ways. there's been a lot of change, certain things drifting away, but many things coming anew. i notice when i'm busy and there's change, i sometimes fall silent in different areas of my life because i can't do it all. then time passes, i feel the distance widen, and it's harder to come back. usually in these moments i try to figure out what matters most, what should drop, and what new can fit in. it's november, and this is where i stand.