last bits of summer fruit

fruits and nuts
summer fruit
fruit stairs

out the window i spy fruit. the fig has completed her giving, a few forgotten nectarines and a bounty of passionfruit are still waiting. this weekend we're tilling the beds and planting kale. lot's of kale. chard and lettuce too. after our mid-west trip and holiday eating on the horizon, we need to clean out a bit.

i struggle with eating healthy when i get overly busy, stressed, or bogged down in kid's homework at dinnertime. it's something that i need to figure out. we always eat relatively healthy, but i want to be drinking and eating green things everyday. sometimes i just feel a plain old resistance to take the few steps i need to make the juice or toss the giant salad. why?? and then there's still the exercise dilemma. tomorrow...

in the meantime, i hope you're enjoying what fall's bringing.

post scriptum. shortcuts for getting more greens daily are welcome.