My artwork & the San Diego Central Library Shop

I wanted to share with you some exciting news. My artwork is in the new San Diego Central Library! The amazing lady that made this all happen is my dear friend Erin. She is running the beautifully curated Library Shop on the ground floor of the new library. Last night she sent me this video from KPBS, which features her gorgeous store and a glimpse of my painting.

As a child, some of my fondest memories are linked to reading and roaming the aisles of my public library. As a parent, I now spend hours there with my own girls, so nothing makes me happier than knowing my paintings are nestled among books in a beautiful new library. There are a handful of my smaller paintings for purchase there too, along with Maria Moy's hand crafted artwork, and Desi McKinnon's beautiful jewelry!

Erin has a wonderful blog called Such Small Steps where she talks about her family, books, and a career she loves. She's the woman you look at and wonder, I don't know how she does it. But she does, beautifully. You can also follow her on instagram @suchsmallsteps, the new library shop @libraryshopsd, and me @karinabania. And of course San Diegans, stop by the shop and take in the new library as soon as you can, you'll love it!

ARTKarina Bania7 Comments