Hunt, gather, create. Rinse & repeat.

karina bania hunt and gather

A meaningful conversation. A good book to lose myself in. Something to refresh my style.

sometimes it feels constant, the hunt.

Most days, I'm on the hunt for inspiration. A paragraph, an image, a simple aside, anything that will spark an idea, make me feel alive, and inspire me to create something of my own. When inspired, I may create a painting or a blog post. I may move around books or add flowers to a room. Or I may set out legos for the girls, putting them in an unusual glass jar that they didn't expect to see on the ground as a toy.

inspiration is everywhere and can be applied to everything.

Being on the hunt, and then gathering, means at some point I'm consuming. Buying, absorbing, or taking in the things that I am looking for. And sometimes I binge. There are days that I go crazy online, looking at hundreds of images, reading way too many articles and blog posts, jumping from source to source, rifling though other people's worlds, looking for something fresh, different, new. I may find something, I may not. Or maybe I don't think I found anything, yet.

ideas combine themselves when we rest, when they settle, when we let them go.

I recently came across this article that I quickly glanced at, printed out & tucked in my notebook. When I read it, I was struck by the idea that creation suffers when we try and combine gathering of information and actual creation. Was this really true? Over the last few weeks I have watched myself. As it turns out, I usually separate my idea gathering from my actual work painting or designing, something that I wasn't really aware of. It also explains the big gaps I have in writing consistently here, or even keeping up with reading blogs and news. If I am in the middle of a project, I tend to shut out everything else and focus.

It's been a really helpful to watch myself and understand this process. After all, aside from being with my family & friends, this is how I spend a lot of my time.

hunt & gather: I dig, I rummage, I think. I am looking for connections between content, links in my mind. I actively pursue ideas, bringing it all together, laying it out, mid-air. 

create: I quiet down. Sometimes I stop talking. I feel my way into creating. I am doing, but being. I am in it, not thinking about it. I close the door, the same music is always on, I create.


Painting: Hunt & Gather. See others here.

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