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bania painting

learn to look at the ordinary. let it inspire you. blur your eyes to see the shapes and colors versus the content. distort it in your mind, then transform it. when you're ready, give it back to the world.


my shower in mexico is made from earth colored marble. the pieces are cut into big rectangles and laid on end, so their height is exaggerated. the water pools at the bottom and the markings on the silver drain and different than the ones than i am accustom to seeing. the glass doors steam easily and since the water runs really hot, it usually feels like a sauna. standing under the water, i am aware of the texture of the cool marble and the softness of the water, it's funny how water feels different everywhere you go.

i have always struggled with sitting in meditation. i have a shoulder injury which makes sitting without leaning against something difficult and my mind never really wants to quiet. many years ago i picked up a book by thich nhat hanh, peace is every step. the book details the process of being aware in the present moment through all the little tasks in life. we can practice meditation in everything we do, a practice that feels much more natural to me. a few years later, i spent a two weeks in france at thich nhat hanh's retreat. each day we went on walking mediations, ate communal meals in silence, and developed a practice of seeing the moment. when we notice the beauty teeming in of all the small details, we have the feeling of being alive. i love that feeling.

so take everything in. see the beauty in the ordinary. find connections from different sources and let it all inspire you. feel alive in it's simplicity and make it yours. the details of life are endlessly inspiring.

a path that leads to the beach, magazine browsing at the newsstand, and peeled tamales have all played a part in inspiring the painting in progress.

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