love in the time

daria vogue

"Walk tall. Kick ass. Learn to speak Arabic. Love music and never forget you come from a long line of truth-seekers, lovers and warriors."  Hunter S. Thompson, in a note to his grandson Will. 


Heading up the coast to Big Sur and beyond.

On my mind, • I often paint in my head, composing full paintings. I can see them completed. I know the next series I am doing. I am ecstatic. • I am thinking about the fresh oysters I am going to find grilling roadside in Inverness. I love Marin beyond belief. • I am reading The Hours on the heels of Mrs. Dalloway. I am caught in the undertow of faint dissatisfaction, missed opportunity, unnamed restlessness. It is a place that my mind likes to go. It is where creativity lies. • We leave tomorrow and I have not yet begun to pack. This is not unusual. • I heart Daria.

images: Daria Werbowy in Vogue Spain July 2013, book + painting, poolside.