take a hike
tiger bolt

Watching six, I have noticed the utter self confidence that kids at this age possess. "That's easy, I'm really good at that, I can do it, I want to go first." Hands fly in the air to answer a question that they have no answer to. A less than perfect outcome is no deterrent to these bright beings. The hike on, leading the way with determination and unmarred self-confidence.

Somewhere along the line, some of us shrink. Fear of failure, fear of shining to bright, the reasons are many. But then, across our path comes someone bright, and we are in awe. We study their moves and replay their words to uncover their secret. They raise us up.

No one gives us power, we have to claim it. We have to stand up for it and fight for it. We need to nurture it in others and not take advantage of it when we have it. This week, Wendy Davis did just that. She stood up for what she believed. She stood up to give voice to thousands and protect our freedom. You can disagree with the issue, but you cannot deny her bravery and her power.

Everyday I watch Sienna embarking on situations where her power, self-esteem and self-worth are being tried on and tested. It's a surreal experience watching formation first hand. I want so badly for her to stay in the world of six, with that abundant mix of confidence and innocence, where power is not something you have it's just something you are.