we all have those points at which we break. the water has risen too high, it's flooding.

then the tide recedes, things dry out, and the waters are calm once again.

it is in these times of high rise that we need to know our floodline.


As I stand back and look at my life lately, I notice that I don't live at an even rhythm. I have waves of being super busy, up late, with too many things happening at once, feeling overwhelmed and not sleeping. Then, I either complete the things I am working on or just finally tire out and relax. I tune back into the slower life, light candles, cook a beautiful meal, linger, garden, catch up on reading, and simply hang with my family. Then, at some point, this cycle starts all over again.

I look at my husband, or rather he looks at me, wondering why I go through all this craziness all the time, while he is so steady, even, rhythmic. Last night we talked about having too many interests, too many things that I am pursuing at one time. You can have it all, just not all at once.

Ah, yes, this. I re-discovered this quote recently. While I haven't stopped trying to do it all right now, I've starting to become aware of the possible impossibility of it. At least that's a start, right?



, mexico beach,

floodline series 2

by lisa golightly.