a new perspective

change: taking it all in and giving it back out again, differently.

everything in my home is constantly in rotation. each week i rotate the puzzles, books and games that are set out for the girls. i shift around artwork, move plants, re-arrange stacks of books, bring in garden clippings, and often swap out rugs.


i saw a quote on a


that may explain it.

everyone wants a moment in their house that's breathtaking. they want that in-take of breath- that WHAT IS THAT. it's anything that's peculiar but beautiful. 

i crave the unexpected. i am always looking to see something differently. moving things around helps me see things anew. things become interesting again. i look, i ponder, i engage. it makes me appreciate my home and my things in a different way.

how about you, how often to you move things around? do you like a shift in perspective?

hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx