18/52: Art that moves

This week, all my mama art energy went into Olivia's class project, so that's what I'm showing here.


Not long after I first met my husband, we went to a friend's wedding where he gifted the bride and groom an old school bed vibrator and a roll of quarters! I thought it was such a clever and fun wedding gift. This week, I found a new use for those bed vibrators we had laying around. Olivia's preschool teacher had mentioned that the kids were really interested in moving arts. So, I dug out the "magic fingers," a bag of quarters, my drill, paints, and a canvas and headed to class.

The set up was actually really easy. I simply mounted the vibrating part of the unit to the bottom of a small table and then set the canvas on top. A few kids at a time came up, excitedly dropped a quarter in, and began to paint. The project was a success and the kids loved it!

The painting came out beautifully. I am going to frame it and it will be auctioned off at the end of the year class party. The theme for the evening will be,

Shake, Splatter and Roll: Art that Moves.


This week I loved the light and dark of this photo that captured little Bo marching down the hallway.