what is left behind

life is heavy.

it is sad,



and it is short.

too short, and sometimes

just taken away from you.

when watching these tragedies,

it's hard to know what to do,

even what to feel.

i found this picture yesterday,

a meal shared by friends.

but look at the table.

look at the life stained in.

look at how many meals and moments have carved themselves into this place.

look at the memories showing through,

the signs of life left behind,

reminding us to live.

this morning i dragged my huge dining room table outside.

i got my belt sander and am taking off the waxed surface.

this is something that i've been wanting to do for sometime.

but the moment finally struck. the time is now.

this is the gift of images.

whether it's horrible images that we don't want to see or beautiful ones,

they sink in.

they propel change.

they bring action.

i don't know what i can do about the greater world around me right now,

but i do know that i can make my table raw.

i can let it absorb the wine stains, the water spills, the homework indents, the board game impressions, the conversations, the laughs, the struggles, and the precious years that we have together.

i know that i can get under the surface and let the moments show through

becoming evidence that we lived.

because life is short.

and when it's over, all we have

is what is left behind.


how do you deal with tragedy? after seeing so many play out in the media, can you still feel? does it bring about change in your own life? 


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