lost + found

things come in, things go out. 

lost. an ipod. *probably misplaced. a few days time while being sick in bed. a pair of toddler pants to a knee ripping, sidewalk spill. my apprehension to apply for an upcoming art event. my desire for regularly posting on instagram.

found. the NYT back at my doorstep. this insightful interview into Matthew Weiner's meaning behind Mad Men. a bird's nest. a dryer full of treasures from olivia's pockets. a bin of artwork where each piece was $5.00 & my newly acquired piece, sit.

this studio visit with object + totem. it's the perfect inspiration for the upcoming mother daughter ceramics class sienna and i are taking.

insights from

How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read

 if you don't have time to read it, a few things stuck with me.

for readers, this: The paradox of reading is that the path toward ourselves passes through books, but that this must remain a passage. It is a traversal of books that a good reader engages in — a reader who knows that every book is the bearer of part of himself and can give him access to it, if only he has the wisdom not to end his journey there.

for non-readers, this: If a book is less a book than it is the whole of the discussion about it, we must pay attention to that discussion in order to talk about the book without reading it. For it is not the book itself that is at stake, but what it has become within the critical space in which it intervenes and is continually transformed. It is this moving object, a supple fabric of relations between texts and beings, about which one must be in a position to formulate accurate statements at the right moment.

the socialite family. i never tire of a visual glimpse into people's lives.

this dreamy outdoor space which is inspiring all sorts of garden goodness around our house lately.

in fact, the whole Hernaez Sticotti house is one of the most inspiring homes i have seen lately. Look at this studio!

the colors in this SuperMods Enter Rehab, Vogue Italia shoot.

a button. a rock. a shell.


have any fun plans for the weekend? sienna has her first piano recital, we're heading to art walk, stopping by a street music festival, going to a baseball game, and catching up on a few netflix moviesi've been wanting to see. full packed, family fun. hope you have a great one!