Legacy of Me

Do you think about your legacy? Do you wonder how people perceive you, what they will remember, and what you're leaving behind? This year, my women's group is focused on our personal legacy. We have many different projects planned for documenting our life and creating a memory kit. My paintings, oral stories I tell my children about my life, old pictures of my travels, and my writing are all ways that I currently document, but I've noticed that I rarely step in front of the camera anymore.

When I look around my house, most of the photos that I hold dear are of my mom and dad when they were younger. I love seeing my parents, as parents, in the years when we had come into their life. Pictures of us together, my family, my history, I value much more than pictures of just me as a child. These pictures place me, I'm part of something larger, a legacy.

This month, I vowed to be in front of the camera more often. To hand the camera to someone else, to ask the waiter to take a picture, to photograph myself. And I am so happy I did, I love this photo, especially how Sienna is holding me. melt...

Do you get in front of the camera regularly? What about self portraits, do you take them? Are you focused on your legacy? Let's talk.

Enjoy the weekend! xx