A sea change

But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.

From Shakespeare's The Tempest, 1610


After a few weeks of easy living, I am putting the sea to rest. Back home, back to work. It's only a few short months until summer. How that is possible, I don't know. 

What does it take to make a sea change? A phrase I have long loved. I've had ideas, almost executions, starts and stops, in my head, out of hands, for literally years now. Along the way there are many successes. So many incredible things in life to point to and say, this is the result of my work. But for some reason, it does not feel enough. There were three things that I wanted to accomplish this year. Once those are done, I think, I will feel my sea change. 

Walking in the yard I pulled two avocados from my tree, leftover fruit of last year's yield. I set them on the counter to see if they would ripen. Sure enough, yesterday, they did. 

Maybe we're always in the midst of change. Do we ever arrive? How long can you stay? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx