"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."

This week I watched the Dove's Real Beauty Sketches ad that has been going around. It made me feel something, not sure entirely what, but it did made me think. As one of five sisters and the mother of two young girls, body image and self worth are something I think about often. One of our most memorable and poignant women's group meetings was on body image and the topic seems to come up frequently when I am together with friends. Unsure of my initial reaction, I started to google people's responses to it. Of course, I found many. One that I came across was this response by Jazz Brice on her Tumblr, Jazzy Little Drops. She makes some insightful points and it's worth a read, just as the Dove video is worth a watch. My personal opinion lies somewhere in between.

This morning I woke to Sienna handing me a picture she drew of herself. She was so proud of it, she loved it! And I love that she is still completely free of this issue right now. I want to do my best to ensure that my girls grow up as self-assured, compassionate women, who have an expansive definition of beauty, who whose primary focus is not their body, and who have a self-love and self-worth that no one can ever take away from them.


s: "This is me. A happy girl with her cat."

o: It's been a hard week for this little one, sick and a full of tears. "I don't want to make art," followed by a foot stomp.

Last week I loved these three sisters. This looks like a fun bunch and I love their caravan!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ad and the article. What did you feel after going through both. Thought provoking, right?