Heading south

Wow, what a morning. I'm finally returning home from a million errands, last minute work, and a tax appointment. Not my ideal day, but let's be honest, the sun is still shining bright from the mention on Simple Lovely yesterday. xx

Tomorrow, my sister, mom, and I are heading to Mexico with all the kids for the next few weeks. Our family home is the place where we catch up, relax, and feel a million miles away. Before I go, here's a snapshot of what I'm bringing, reading, and listening to this week.

1. Perfect summer hat. I just bought this natural one from jcrew and wrapped my black silk scarf around it for the same look.

2. I'm a creature of habit, my aviators are never far from my reach.

3. The Alexander Wang tank is great for layering.

4. I recently picked up these Leith pants. A great casual, but dressy pant.

5. I've had a million versions of these. Perfect to wear at the beachside bar and the Valle de Guadalupe.

6. My ever-loved blue and white striped scarf, source unknown.

7. My old leather backpack that I picked up somewhere in Rajasthan. Great vintage one here.

8. Recently bought this tunic from Zara.

9. We're bringing art for the walls. We recently renovated and have giant, empty, white plaster walls in two of the bedrooms. I am enjoying the starkness of the space, but slowly we are curating a collection.

10. While living in India, I used rose water daily. When I came back I found this Moroccan Rose Toner and now can't go a day without it.

11. Jcrew swimsuit.

12. My find of the spring, this jacket. Flat on the page it's not looking like much, but you must try it on. It's the perfect spring color, looks great over everything, and I've gotten endless compliments. And the best part, it's $39 dollars.

13. Magazines, I always have a stack. Books, I'm bringing many including, A Field Guide to Getting Lost. Great title. My sis and I love to watch seasonal movies, it's kind of an obsession. We've got many queued up, starting with Enchanted April. On rotation, Sea and Cake.

Hope you enjoy the weekend!!