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Found this shop, 


, via


. I love nothing more than art piled high. This collection of watercolors by

Trine Struwe

 are beautiful.

Caitlin of

Sacramento Street

did a 

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 about Joanna Williams of 

Kneeland Co.

 Every photo is perfection. Joanna is the kind of woman I find totally inspiring.


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My favorite characters in books and films are always places. In this article on being a California writer, Marisa Silver describes the California landscape as, "a series of characters, as mysterious and alluring as any people I might invent on the page." So true.

Do you read The Gentlewoman magazine? This interview Getting to know Penny Martin, The Gentlewoman was great, especially her vision behind the magazine. "I think it is very important that you can hear the way women sound. I think women talk to each other very differently when men aren't in the room and I wanted that sound of their voices,' she says. 'What I wanted to reproduce was that thing when women sit down and say, "God, I love that."' She mimes pulling at a jacket. 'You know, they touch each other."

via a drawing diary

Simple adobe beauty. Definitely some of my favorite architecture. From the book, Georgia O’Keeffe and her houses.

Ever since Erin of

Such Small Steps

 recommended the Phosphorescent track

“Song for Zula”

 I have been hooked. I've played it a million times. Know how I mentioned

finding your song of the season

? This is springtime in Mexico right now.

Finally, I took this photo yesterday. The kids were playing with punching balloons. I have many more bright and lively photos, the camera settings got messed up on this one, but I love the feeling that came out of it. Another reminder to love our mistakes.

Hope you're enjoying the week. xx