"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Don't you just love the saying en plein air? It's that cute French phrase that describes the act of painting outdoors. It's spring break and we're at our house in Mexico with the four little ones. Needless to say, staying outdoors is a necessity. When not off adventuring, we painted rocks, shells, sticks, dyed easter eggs, painted feet, legs, eventually each other, balloons, leaves, and snails.

s. Aside from the eggs and body art, which occupied much of Sienna's time, she did this small painting called, the dotted.

o. Olivia loves tiny things. If she's missing, look down. You'll likely find her hunched over, digging into small crevices extracting microscopic objects. She spent hours in the garden collecting snails and rollie-pollies. Since the rollie-pollies moved to fast, she decided to paint the snails. Here's her painted snail collection.

A few more shots from the week below.


52 project links: I thought this blurry shot of her boys, by Pink Ronnie, was perfectly captured.