pointed direction

via scout-holiday

it all started with this photo that i came across again a few days ago.

the lines
the mood. 

i love the shape
the drape
the stare.

as luck would have it, s brought home a study of shapes that she did in school this week. with this perfect confluence, i decided that the pyramid would be my inspiration this coming week. 

this morning, the girls were in the studio and i had them look at the photo of the hiding girl, as they called her, and tell me what they saw. 
a girl
she hiding
she's cold
she's sitting criss cross apple sauce 
she looks like you.

(sidenote: i love the generational transition from indian style to criss cross apple sauce)

i also showed them a handful of my favorite images that had the same shape & feel. here are a few.

this piece by Victoria Haven.

this beautiful teepee is from one of my favorite blogs, house of habit. their handcrafted teepees are available here

1. Otto Freundlich. i flipped this image upside down, for the purposes of this study. 2. image taken by laure joliet.

we talked about shapes, people and things that look like shapes, and then we painted. they were funny. olivia doesn't always like my guidance as you will see in my weekly 52 post tomorrow. 

of course,
i love a girl who takes her own direction.
it was a good morning.