one down

field study. 60" x 48" inspired by this from last week.

i have no wall space left in my house. i wanted to snap a quick shot of this painting so i went to the girls room, the only place with a big enough white wall and a bit of light. kind of rough, but you get the idea.

i love working on large canvases. i love the freedom of space and really being able to put myself into the painting. i usually work on the floor, so i am literally on top of the painting, reaching and moving around it.

i am also in constant need of perspective. and a different perspective. so no matter how large the piece, i am usually carrying it from the studio into different rooms of the house and yard, to help me see what needs to be done next. weird? i don't know. it's just what i do. i also take on and off my glasses so i can see it blurry and clearly and blurry again.

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