movements + risk

do you let your kids take risks?
last night i listened to a program on npr about kids, safety and risk taking. the debates centered around playground safety and standards, new laws, rising medical costs of injuries, etc. but the big take away for me was the idea that when we don't let our kids take acceptable risks in their play, we are taking away critical learning opportunities.
almost every weekend we venture out to the mountains, desert or beach for a hike, stroll, general running around. we rock climb, run, tumble down sand dunes and swim in very cold water, often. i love nature, i love getting the kids out in nature. and i love watching and encouraging them to take risks. climb out on that tree limb, see what happens. scale that rock, can you do it? i feel like taking risks teaches them about their bodies, their strength. it let's them test their limits. what if they fail, can they try again? when it is time to try another way? logic, problem solving. the lessons are endless.

this quote by t.s. eliot sums it up, "only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."