Line of Sight

"Beth's house" found on Idiomill. The wall, peak, composition. It's perfection.

quote collage: background book & image by Ilse Crawford.

I love this quote by Edith Schaeffer, from Hidden Art. It really sums up the philosophy behind my blog, curate the day. I try to surround myself daily with things that inspire creativity. I believe in the power of beauty to relax, focus and invite us into the moment.

Phillip Lim's fall collection is beautiful. The colors, cuts and lines will definitely play into a few of my upcoming paintings.

The stunning Noot Seear’s home from The Coveteur. The warmth of that nook, records, and fireplace. I'd never leave.

Finally, Cy Twombly's breathtaking gallery of his work. I have spent a lot of time on this site. His work sparks so many great discussions with the girls about what is art and what is scribble-scrabble as Sienna calls it.
Off to paint. What are you loving today?