about living

living take effort.
i was reminded of that this weekend. 
when things end, appreciation is born
the moment becomes clear,
we reorient.


a friend asked me why i was doing this paleo challenge, what was i hoping to get out of it. i gave all my reasons and then told her how i was thinking that if i can commit to doing something like this, why couldn't i commit to painting everyday. well, there's no reason really. so i did. i committed to painting everyday for 21 days. and at the end of it, i hope to have a body of work built up again so that i can finally start an etsy shop, something i've been wanting to do for awhile now. 

we got snow this week in our local mountains. we were trying to decide if we should go up. it's a lot of work digging around for the snow clothes from last year, seeing what fits, dressing the kids, packing a change of clothes for four people, snacks, sleds, the laundry when returning home, the whole bit. but that's living, i mentioned. living, really living the life you dream of, takes effort. committing to eating healthier means more time in the kitchen. committing to painting means more focus, working at night when i feel like relaxing. the trip to the mountains was so worth it. it always is. 

this weekend, we found out we lost a good friend. we went to the memorial and listened to stories, talked about life. we remembered him. and reminded ourselves, about living.