"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."


a few months ago, my husband started his own company, which means resources have been tight. last week, after a long shopping hiatus, we both needed a pair of shoes. stacked up on the recycling bin, the girls have never passed a box they didn't love. this week it's all about the diorama.

s. periodically, where the wild things are, hits the nightly rotation. sienna likes the book but always wants max to be a girl and the monsters to be ponies in a magical land. go figure. from the beginning of the project, she knew that she wanted ponies and shells, "cause those are my thing, mom." on the tails of the book, she wanted her room to turn into a forest, but of course she needed a nightlight. after finding her girl, she decided that since chandeliers are on the ceiling and mary poppins had a tea party up there, she'd like her girl to be up there too.

o. olivia watches sienna's moves a lot. since sienna put something on the ceiling, she wanted something there too. strawberry shortcake was way to big to fit in next to the elephant, so she settled for her tights. good compromise. this diorama is so olivia. it's filled with everything she loves. hand painted shells in stacks, that bracelet bought at the dollar store with coco, her animals which generally live on her windowsill, and most importantly, her coveted bouncy ball collection. add in dad's old minnesota license plate, string, because she loves it, and a pink straw as a "binocular" like in jake, and there you have it.

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