"a portrait of my children's artwork, once a week, every week, in 2013."
this week zoomed by with activities and a fantastic chinese new year production that s's school put on. saturday morning we crept down to the studio to paint for a bit. i showed the girls a photo and we talked about the shape they see when they look at it. you can see the photo and read the post here.
s. sienna sometimes asks, what should i paint. my usual answer is, whatever you feel like, which she then follows up with a heavy sigh. this morning, she liked me suggesting a direction to take. we have been reading the little house series. the winters are bleak. this piece has that feel to me. solitude under a heavy sky. sienna simply calls it, "a tent out in the mountains."
o. olivia liked looking at the pictures and naming shapes, but wanted nothing to do with direction. she worked away at her piece and then painted four more. when i asked her if it had a name, she said yes, it's called, "not a triangle."