learning compassion through metrics

The girls are always playing, "I'm her." If we are reading a book, each girl picks out who they are. If they are watching a show, Sienna secures her girl, usually the IT girl, within the first few seconds. This means that Olivia is stuck with a lesser character, which Sienna tries to build up to be a good one before sweet O cries and tells me that Sienna is taking Doc McStuffins again.

Maybe my continuous pleads with Sienna for a bit of compassion during this game has paid off. The other day I overheard this gem:

S: "Olivia, do you know that song, the one with the calculator and the ruler? (Stars by Au Revoir Simone)

Liv: "No."

S: "Well, I am the the ruler and the calculator."

Liv: "Who can I be?"

S: "You can be the ladder. Even though they don't talk about you in the song, you're still important because we'll need one to climb up to the sky and measure all the stars."

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