a look back, to see now

bathing elephants, thailand.

i was that girl.
the one who wandered the world.
the one who woke to days that had no end.
i had no constraints, no timeframe.
i was free to move through life at my own pace.


now i am that woman.
the one who looks back at the life
i used to have.
but also forward to the world i want to show my girls as they grow.
the places, the tales i already have begun to tell.

just yesterday...
while reading, may i bring a friend, "mommy rode on the back of an elephant in the jungle and bathed her in a big muddy river."
while eating samosas for dinner, "yes, i used to eat these in india and yes, i love to try food from all over the world."

i sometimes miss the vastness, the newness, the unexpected...
but with the right eyes
and through their eyes
the everyday is vast,
it is new,
and with all their many questions,
you know,
everything is unexpected.

*inspired by this, which lead me to this, which inspired this post.

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